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Don’t let prophets deceive you!

by Church Times


By Gbenga Osinaike
If you govern your life by what prophets tell you, I guess you are on the wrong track. While it is good to listen to prophets, you have to be on your guard and process what they tell you to be sure it is founded on the word of God.
In the first place the New Testament believer is not supposed to be at the mercy of any person. The Lord Jesus has removed the veil covering the holy of holies. We all have access to Him. His blood has paid the supreme price. Jesus expects that we come boldly to the throne of grace to obtain mercy.
If you are in Christ, if you walk by the Holy Spirit, no human institution has a right or rule over your spirit in terms of telling you what to do and what not to do. But that does not rule out the fact that God can send people to you to warn you, and to tell you to stay on course. Prophecies are meant to edify and put you on track and not to put fear in you. Prophecies are meant to make you see clearly what the word of God is saying. Prophecies don’t negate the word of God. Prophecies don’t make you think less of what God says about you. Prophecies are not supposed to make you do things that are clearly ungodly.
Unfortunately, many believers have been reduced to nothing because of the verdict of some unscrupulous people who claim to see beyond their nose. Many have run from pillar to post because their lives have been misdirected to do the wrong thing in the name of obeying what their prophets have said.
We are indeed the generation of people who don’t want to hear from God but want to hear from prophets. If you wait for somebody to tell you about your tomorrow, you may well be waiting for the verdict of the devil. These prophets are now everywhere deceiving people with what God did not say. They are sometimes ready to tell you what you want to hear; giving you false hope and tying your destiny to theirs. They are marauders. They are only interested in their stomach. They want to use you to attain their selfish ambition. Don’t let them derail your flow with God. Don’t let them turn you against your parents, your neighbour, your wife and even your children.
God is your father. He does not have grandchildren. We are all His children. If you have surrendered your heart to Him you have equal access to the throne of grace. Don’t be deceived.
Unfortunately some have preached consistently that every man needs a prophet. They tell you until you meet your prophet you cannot make progress in life. I keep wondering where they get that from in the Bible. The simple truth is that many of those who go looking for prophets to tell them about their destiny are people who run away from their spiritual responsibility. They cannot pray; they cannot fast. They would rather contract their prayers to people.
But do not get me wrong. God can lead you to join faith with another to pray. There is power in agreement. You can covet the prayers of a fellow believer. Your pastor can pray for you. But you can’t afford to bury your spirituality in the hands of man. Even the most sincere man of God may be wrong. You need a relationship that gives you confidence to the point that when things go wrong you can say with certainty that God will see you through.
A couple had a rather funny experience. They were waiting on God for another baby after they had had one. The brother was not bothered he trusted that God would do it. But pressure from family members led him to seek help from a prophet who told him it would be difficult for him to have another except he married a second wife. What a counsel? So, God is so limited that He can no longer bless the woman at home? Thank God this brother turned down the counsel of the prophet. He turned to God and remained faithful to Him. In a few years after, his wife conceived and had a triplet. That clearly defied the prophecy of the prophet. I have had cases of prophets who tell people their wives are the devils troubling them. Already the Bible has said that a man’s enemies are those of his household. But the Bible did not tell us to abandon our household. The solution is not to run away from a perceived enemy. The solution is to stand in the place of prayer and resist every activity of the devil around you.
If we keep suspecting everybody around us, then we are not going to make headway in life. I believe in the efficacy of prayer. When the devil comes using anybody, be assured that God will give you deliverance. But you must not give place to the devil. If there is no crack in the wall, a lizard will not enter into it.
Any prophecy that negates the written word of God, that encourages you to divorce your wife, that tells you to perform rituals using animals or whatever is certainly from the pit of hell. Don’t be fooled. Be on your guard. What is the word of God telling you? No prophecy is surer or more authentic than the written word of God: The Bible.

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