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Sunday Adelaja: How I battled demonic spirits, snake in my dream

by Church Times

In a rare confession, Sunday Adelaja, Nigerian born Pastor based in Ukraine has recounted how he battled demonic spirits and snake that were sent to attack him in his sleep.

Adelaja is is the founder and senior pastor of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, an evangelicalcharismatic megachurch and a Christian denomination in KyivUkraine.

In a YouTube post recently, Adelaja said the demonic spirits came continuously but that he kept ignoring them because of the knowledge of the word of God in him.

Demonic Spirits

He said the first time he experienced the attack, about three different spirits appeared to him in the dream.

His words, “I continued my sleep and said to them that they were too small for me to pray. I continued my sleep. On the second day, they were four. And I said no matter who you are, I told them, I know who I am. I am a battle-tested general. I will not stand up to pray. But I went to the toilet because they were troubling me. I used the toilet and came back and slept.

“The third day, they came again and kept on troubling me. I had to wake up three times. I now recalled I had done serious teachings on overcoming spiritual attacks. I went to my YouTube page and put on the video and was playing. That was how I overcame.”

He however said after the three-day experience, a vicious green snake appeared to him.

This time, he had no option but to scream the name of Jesus for help during the encounter.

His words, “Today, it was a green snake that appeared to me. They were not spirits.  It was a snake that was vicious. I was confident that I will succeed in defeating it, I was just thinking that I will defeat it.

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“But something happened, the snake, instead of crawling, flew and attempted to hit me on the forehead. The only thing I succeeded in doing was to scream, Lord Jesus deliver me!!!.

“The snake dissipated immediately. It was neutralised. It was turned into gas. And I woke up.”

Adelaja who put on a white suit with green inner wear said he deliberately put on the attire to demonstrate his victory over the snake. He said

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