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Deborah Oshoffa dies @ 51 as her old video on death trends

by Church Times

A video post of the late Deborah Oshoffa, daughter of the founder of the Celestial Church of Christ, Rev SBJ Oshofa where she reflected on death and the hereafter has surfaced on social media.

Deborah Oshofa reportedly died on Thursday, March 14. She was 51.

The video post which is making rounds on social media was first published during the COVID-19 period. She talked extensively about life and the vanities that trail it.

In the post tagged, death, life, and legacy, the CCC founder’s daughter pleaded with her listeners to take things easy because nothing is permanent in life.

“If you are having it rosy today, don’t think it will be rosy forever. If you are having it difficult today, don’t think it will be difficult for life,” she said.

Growing up

She recalled her growing up years and how she and her siblings had all they needed. But everything changed when their father died.

“The Oshoffa family knew about the other side of life when we lost our dad. When he died we were forced to adapt. I used to see my father as a superhero.

“I was obsessed with my dad because of the many miracles God used him to perform. But suddenly we were called to come and see his dead body in LUTH.” She said.

Deborah Oschoffa said further, “In life, we must go through some stages. And we don’t have control over many things.”

While emphasizing that her father was “too humble” she said, “My father taught us humility and contentment. I have friends who are rich and better than me. But I have been taught to know that things are not permanent.”

Death, a necessary end

She said further in the post that death is a necessary end and it must happen to everybody.

“We are living on borrowed time and people are not aware. I had no understanding of death until one of my stepmums died. We took her to a private morgue.

“We had access to her. I saw what death is. The only thing left in us when we die are our fingers and our hair. Every other thing changes. The body we spend so much on, changes.”

She wondered why many people are so desperate about positions since death will come whether we like it or not.


An Evangelist, Tunde Aluko who has been of immense blessing to the CCC due to his life changing messages recalled his last encounter with the late Deborah Oshoffa in a post on Facebook.

He described her as a woman with sterling qualities while noting that there is a time to be born and a time to die.

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