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What I will tell Buhari when I see him- Prof. Michael Omolewa

by Church Times

Omolewa: What I will tell Buhari when I see him-Prof. Michael Omolewa

Former Nigeria’s permanent ambassador to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, Prof. Michael Omolewa has said he would not waste time in telling President Mohammadu Buhari whenever he sees him that the solution to Nigeria’s problem lies in the word of God.

Omolewa who was guest speaker at the recent graduation ceremony of the West Africa Theological Seminary said during a media chat after he had delivered his paper that there is no problem in the world that we can’t trace its solution to the Bible. He however noted that the careless attitude of people and disdain for the word of God is robbing the nation of progress.

He said, “I will tell President Buhari that Jesus is Lord and he is able to do all things. I will tell him that Jesus came to save us and save our souls. I will tell him that no matter our wealth and riches in life, we can’t make appreciable progress without him. I will give him a copy of the Bible for him to read and be blessed.

“I will emphasise to him that all the challenges of the country can be solved from the Bible. The Bible promotes unity and promotes hard work. The wisdom we need to redirect the ship of Nigeria is in the Bible. There is no other book that can give us direction other than the Bible. But then people are not living out the words they read in the Bible”

Omolewa who is also Emeritus professor of Adult Education told newsmen that the devil is always at work to ensure the falling of church leaders. Once the leader falls it brings disgrace to the body of God. That is the aim of the devil and that is why what WATS is doing as an institution should be commended. The aim of the school is to bring holiness to the church. When the Holy Spirit is with you, you will be able to take your stand. I gave the example of Joseph during my lecture. I believe we can have another Joseph in our world”

He expressed optimism about Nigeria. “Everything is moving forward. Nigeria is on the move. Nigeria is indomitable. Nigeria will be the darling of the world in no distant time. I am so positive because I am serving the king of glory who never fails”.

On the 30 years of the seminary he said, “the school is just beginning. I said during my presentation that 30 is always the beginning of every good thing. Joseph became prime minister at 30. After 30 we go higher. There will be more buildings like that which Dr. Daniel Olukoya built for the school. There will be expansion and awareness. The next 30 years will be for expansion. When God chooses a leader that leader can’t fail if that leader does not abandon his source. Moses as a spiritual leader excelled. Joshua triumphed in Jericho. We can’t afford to fail in the assignment God has given us.”

He stated that the way the churches are being run is determined by the quality of leadership at its disposal. “That is why WATS is raising leaders. Every church has a responsibility to train their leaders. I urge them to take advantage of the training facilities in WATS for the good of the church.”


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