Bonnke’s successor, Evang. Kolenda drops bombshell, says, “Anointing not indication of God’s approval”

Facebook friends react

by Church Times

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda has dropped a scathing statement on his Facebook wall saying, “The anointing is not an indication of God’s approval”

Kolenda succeeded Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke as President and CEO of Christ for All Nations and Lead Pastor of Nations Church

He dropped the scathing post on Monday, January 30 at about 9.15 pm. He however did not make any further clarification on the statement.

Nobody could tell why he made such statement. But those who have experienced his ministry know he exhibits great auction and anointing in his delivery.


 Many respondents on his Facebook wall have however taken turns dissecting the statement.

 In less than one hour of the post, it generated over 434 comments with 235 shares and 3000 likes.

 A number of people applauded it saying the gifts of God are without repentance while some believe the evangelist ought to have shed light on the statement.

A respondent, Connie Cooper asks, “what then, if the anointing isn’t an indicator of God’s approval, is it truly the anointing of God?

 Another writes, quoting Peter Tan, “Anything done by men without the anointing is rejected by God. But some others took him up saying, “Anything done by men without faith is what displeases God”

 Elison Malisa simply quoted Jesus’ statement in Matthew 7v22-23, “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord,  have we not prophesied in your name and have cast out devils and by thy name done many wonderful works.

 “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you. Depart from me ye workers of iniquity. You could have the gift of the holy spirit and work miracles, but that doesn’t mean God is pleased with you.”

 A.A. Enoch describes the statement as very profound, saying, “having been anointed, I still need to be led by the Spirit for approval for the assignment.”

 Another respondent, UK Daniel however said, “The anointing is the Holy Spirit, who is the approval or seal of God on the believer. Ephesian 4v30.

 Jerykim Vallies says, “The anointing  breaks yokes of bondage, Christ means the anointed one”

 Elder Emmanuel Ammissa believes the Bible doesn’t support the position of the post. He writes, “ If the Anointing is not an indication of God’s approval then what is the indication then?

Jesus Christ- is the Accredited Savour of the world because of the Anointing. Jesus started his ministry after he made a public announcement of the Anointing upon him Luke 4:18.

 “The disciples couldn’t begin the great commission without the Anointing which is the Holy Spirit. How could God use someone if he hasn’t approved the person”.

 He was however immediately countered by Updoor Dominique who writes, “Remember the Devil is also anointed, but we all know he is not approved. So this post is correct

Shiloba Tulasu Godwins says, “And I don’t think there is anointing without God’s approval except you explain better. If you said Talent, I’ll easily agree sir.”



Anointed preachers who twist the gospel

 Johnny Irandy provides the explanation he needed. He writes, “Sir, have you ever been in a Christian meeting where the preacher twists the message of the Gospel, but anointing still flows mightily?

 “Does it mean God has approved what the preacher preached? No, but God can still do what He wants to do despite and in spite of…

So, the physical manifestation of the anointing is not always a sign of God’s approval.

 “If you are in doubt, come to Nigeria in Africa and you will see that Preachers that display power mostly preach a mixture of the gospel and something else. God still does and will always do what He wants to do…”

 The post has since been generating debate on the wall of Kolenda





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