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Benue Chief: Alcohol almost wrecked me until I encountered BSN’s audio Bible

Benue Chief: How BSN audio Bible delivered me from Drunkenness

by Church Times


By Ben Mordi

A community leader and head of Kam, a village in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria, Chief Timothy Kam, has narrated how the Lord transformed his life and helped him to overcome drunkenness after listening to Proclaimer, an audio Bible device from The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) in a programme tagged End-to-End

Kam confessed he was addicted to alcohol noting that the addiction took a toll on him. He used to spend most of his time at the local drinking joint, neglecting his duties as a village head. His drinking habit had also strained his relationship with his family who were constantly worried about his health and well-being.

“I was deeply into alcoholism. I was addicted to it and could not stop drinking. I would move from one drinking session to another. I lost my business because I spent all my money on drinking.”

But all that changed in what he termed a miracle after he listened to the audio Bible device and internalised the word of God as it was being read.

He said, “One fateful day Pastor Nyikwagh Ukum invited me to an audio Bible listening centre. I was never interested in Christianity, but after several invitations and out of curiosity, I attended one of the listening sessions.

“That day, I was sober and found the session interesting with what I heard, listening to the Bible. I attended the next session also and that was how I continued to attend. I heard and saw that the Lord loves me and does not want me to perish. I also discovered that alcoholism is not a decent way of life and that I was leading a reckless life. I became ashamed of myself. Gradually, I stopped drinking,” Chief Kam said.

Giving more details about his life as an alcoholic, Kam recalled he was a popular drunkard in his community adding that his skin was beginning to turn whitish. “I discovered that no medication could restore my skin and I had to live with it for as long as I was a drunkard.

“I don’t know if it was associated with my excessive drinking, because I noticed that as soon as I stopped drinking, my skin gradually returned to normal. I also believed God must have shown me mercy and healed me. I attend the listening group regularly and now coordinate the group anytime our leader is not available. I thank God I heeded the initial call to attend the Bible listening session. I do not know what would have become of my life if I had continued drinking,” he added.

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Pastor Ukum, one of BSN’s partners in Benue State, said that the members of Kam community were pleasantly surprised at the transformation that took place in Chief Kam’s life. They could not believe that the man they had known as a drunkard is now a responsible leader. According to him, Chief Kam had lost the respect of his subjects before his transformation.

Chief Kam’s newfound faith in God has not only transformed his life but also positively impacted his community. He shared his story of transformation and encouraged others to turn to God for help.

The Chief’s story is a testimony to the power of God to transform lives. He went from being a drunkard to a respected community leader who inspired many others to turn their lives around.


End-to-End is a programme of The Bible Society of Nigeria that provides a platform for people to listen to the Proclaimer, an audio Bible device, in their preferred languages. It is open for sponsorship and if you desire to be part of it, kindly send a mail to: info@biblesociety-nigeria.org or call: 08159094116


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