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SFL Vol. 3, No. 079 – 03/2022 TOPIC: 

“Good friends show their love in times of trouble, not just in times of happiness.”- Euripides

“The window may be more entertaining, but the mirror is more educational.” – Rigel J. Dawson

Today is our storytelling day and let’s enjoy the moment as we relax and learn. I got this story from a friend’s FB page, it is titled: KNOWING THE REAL PEOPLE THAT CARES FOR YOU. Let’s be inspired by it.

I will follow it up in my next article with another interesting cow story that will blow your mind, and challenge you to bid bye-bye to your comfort zone. ?

Meanwhile, enjoy this and learn from the few lessons thereafter ?

“A man slaughtered a big cow, lit the grill, and said to his daughter.” “Daughter, call our relatives, friends, and neighbours to eat with us… let us feast!”

His daughter took to the street and started shouting.” “Please help us put out a fire at my Dad’s house!”. “After a few moments, a small group of people came out and the rest acted like they didn’t hear the cry for help.”

“Those who came ate and drank until late.” “The stunned father turned to his daughter and said to her.” “The people who came I barely know them, some I had never seen them before, so where are our relatives, friends, and neighbours ?”. ” The daughter said…. “Those who came out of their homes came to help us put out a fire in our house and not for the party.” “These are the ones who deserve our generosity and hospitality”.


(Culled from Quora & FB page). MORALS:

1. Those who don’t help you during your struggle, shouldn’t eat with you at your victory party!!

2. Sometimes, disguise to know about the real people that care about you.

3. All those who pretend to be friends are separated from you on the day of your calamity.

4. The heart of man is truly wicked, you can know it by disguised troubles.

5. Someone wrote that a lot of people want to ride with you in a limo, but you want are those people who will ride with you on the bus when the limo breaks down.

6. True friendship is not being there when it is convenient, it is about being there when it is not.

7. The best thing about the true colour of your life is that you get to see the true colour of everyone around you when things aren’t going gaga!!!

8. If you had nothing in life, but true friends, you are rich. AND MY THOUGHT FOR TODAY: A Yoruba adage says, “it is during difficult times that your true friends emerged or are known.” Therefore, a friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who know your smile.

Don’t forget that some people talk to you during their free time, however, true friends free their time to talk with you. Do you have such in your circle? Find them!

So, let’s go ahead from today to heal a heart you didn’t break or raise a child you didn’t make.

Stay blessed © Dr. Oyewole Sarumi Coach. Trainer. Speaker TCN@LIFE-LEADERS COACH

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