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Atiku Abubakar will win 2023 presidential elections if…Pst. Femi Emmanuel

by Church Times

The Director of Politics and Governance of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Pastor Femi Emmanuel has raised the alarm that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar or any other northern candidate may win the 2023 presidential election if the current political apathy in the church persists.

Pastor Emmanuel who is also the Lead Pastor of Livingspring Chapel International Churches said in a statement made available to Church Times that there is so much ignorance and apathy in the church. He said despite all efforts to get the church to see why they should be actively involved in the electioneering process,  many church leaders are still apathetic.

PFN has 65 million members

In the statement titled,  Saving Nigeria, avoiding past error,  Pastor Emmanuel who apparently was responding to a discussion said,  “I feel compelled to share in this discussion. For the first question, Atiku Abubakar or any northern Muslim candidate will win by a landslide if the current situation is not appropriately dealt with.

“Although Christians have a huge population (PFN alone is said to be 65million)  Over 60% of Christians do not have PVC to start with, Over 50% of those who have PVC will not come out to vote on election day.
“Whereas it is engrained in the DNA of Muslim north that they are BORN TO RULE. They register and vote massively. Even their Almangiris ( in their millions, though underage) will vote unhindered.
“Their Elehas, (those in purdah) then their Kith and kins from Sudan, Mali, Niger Republic, and so on will move into Nigeria crossing the borders two-three days before to vote ( no restrictions). They all have Nigeria’s PVC (don’t ask me how).  It’s not just today. It has always been.

Nigeria is a fraud

He said also in the statement that Nigeria is a fraud. “Our Constitution is a fraud. But more pathetic is that our G.Os, I mean our  Church fathers are totally ignorant of how Nigeria’s democracy works. The Nigeria church is a giant in slumber. The Christian community is an imprisoned community by their GOs, Bishops, Snr pastors, Pastors, and Church founders. “
Pastor Emmanuel expressed worry that the church is still fixated on Prayers, Fasting, repentance, and confessions of the nation’s sins, (Our Sins) crying and calling on God to take over.  “They don’t see the need to be involved to deploy their massive followership to grassroots politics to elect Ward officers that determine the candidates to vote for in general elections across the board.
“As long as this continues, the Evil, selfish, and stealing Political God-fathers will hold this nation to ransom because they owned the grassroots structure. (Politic is grassroots) Then the Muslim north will continue to dictate who our Political leaders will be. It is pathetic. “

Directorate of Politics and Governance

He said the  DPG that he leads is not given adequate attention despite the huge efforts put into it. “It is still LET US PRAY GOD WILL TAKE OVER. I don’t know who did this to us. We pushed our responsibilities to God and God alone. “
While acknowledging that, it is good to pray, he said, prayer alone without action, without involvement won’t produce results.
Concluding his thought, he said, “Hear this (you may not believe it) Come 2023, either PDP or APC, whichever party presents A northern Muslim will win. Quote me. That is who their Emirs will direct them to vote for. And they obey their Emirs without thinking or questioning. I weep for this country. May God wake up His church from this sleep of death. “

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