Apostolic Church pastor warns against lackadaisical attitude to faith, calls for church unity

by Church Times

The Vice Chairman of the Apostolic Church Nigeria, LAWNA Territory, Pastor S.G.O Uyeh has decried the lackadaisical posture of many Christians in Nigeria while warning that such attitude is inimical to the Christian faith.

Uyeh made the observation at the  47th LAWNA Annual International Convention held at the International Headquartres, Olorunda-Ketu, Lagos on Sunday, August 6.

According to him, “Many Christians have thrown caution to the wind and have allowed themselves to be ruled by worldly and carnal desires. Worldliness and secular thoughts lead people to nowhere but destruction.”

The cleric then urged believers to prioritize spirituality.  “I urge Christians to stop handling faith with levity so they could stand against the devil and the false teachers who are waging war against the Christian faith. We should mortify the deeds of the flesh in all ramifications and allow God through the holy spirit to perfect his work of purification in us”. he said.

Church Unity

He emphasized the need for the church to be united adding that the church as the body of Christ does not belong to any man.

Believers according to him, “should endeavour to keep the bond of unity in the Spirit as they are all baptized into one Spirit who is directing their affairs. Believers irrespective of their denominations have been called to one hope in Christ Jesus”

Quoting Hebrew 12:14, he said, “This is the time for us to Follow peace with all men and holiness, without which no man can see the Lord. All Christians should have hope in Christ. But if we don’t live a holy life, we might not be able to contend for the faith once delivered to us by the fathers of faith”

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He said one of the ways to contend for the faith is to uphold the doctrine of one Lord. “That is how we can stand against heresies of the false teachers that tend to lead believers to worship other gods’, he said.

While stressing that only the living God must be served and worshiped, he said, “Any teaching contrary to this must be seriously rejected because God is one God and father of all. Bowing to other gods, man or woman or animal sacrifices amount to doing contrary to the will of God and must be rejected by the believers for them to continue in the faith of Christ.”

The authentic faith in Pastor Uyeh’s words is the “faith in Christ Jesus”. He added,  “No false teachers must be allowed to divert believers from this faith.


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