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Stop cursing Nigeria, Apostle Sediq X Moses tells Nigerians

by Church Times

Apostle Sadiq prophecy on Nigeria

Apostle Sadiq prophecy

Apostle Sadiq Moses

The General Overseer of Christ Holy Mountain Int’l, Ikotun Lagos and author of book titled ‘ Satan must leave the earth’, Apostle Sediq Moses has pleaded with Nigerians to stop cursing Nigeria but rather should speak peace and blessing on the country.


Moses who is the convener of ‘National Prayer Summit,’ made the plea during a special programme in his church recently.


He called on Nigerians to stop putting blames or pointing accusing finger on the leadership of the nation but rather pray for the peace and unity of the country. He said, “Our business in Nigeria should be to bless the country and to be a blessing. We should not use our lips to curse the land because the more we curse the more we will be affected by the curse.”


While noting that President Buhari is not the problem of Nigeria, Moses stressed, “We should stop using our mouth to curse this nation. Ability to bless and pray for our leaders will make us a blessed country. It is God that place Mohammadu Buhari there as the president of this great country.”


Quoting from the Bible he said “if the people of God who are called by God’s name are not ready to humble themselves and to do what is right the economy of the Nigeria will begin to shake, will begin to sink, the people will begin to sink, businesses will begin to sink and a lot of people will start murmuring.”


He also observed that there is a need for a major Christian leader in Nigeria who the government can rely on as a mouthpiece of God. “We have a challenge of having too many people talking and claiming to hear from God. But we need a respectable voice who can confidently say, thus says the Lord. Prophecy on Nigeria should not be disjointed.


Emphasizing on his National Prayer Summit which comes up first Friday in July 2019, at the church auditorium, theme ‘Breaking the chains of the Generational Curse’, Apostle Sadiq said, “it’s a platform where Christians, men and women, pastors, from all walks of life come together to pray for the peace and unity of the nation, a period when we reason with him and it will be easy for him to remove things that inhibit us from hearing him.”


He said further, “The Bible says the expectations of the righteous shall not be caught off and the desire of the righteous shall be granted. No leaders can rule over Jesus, every leader has been chosen and ordained by Jesus. Our leaders should remember and know that they were not chosen by men but God to rule over his own people with fear and trembling.”


Prior to the just concluded general election, Sadiq who is noted for giving prophecies concerning Nigeria said God revealed to him that Buhari had winning grace. He said, “I said it among journalists that Atiku has the winning grace but not with mercy, but Buhari has the winning grace, has mercy and the flag. 99 percent of the men of God in Nigeria did not support Buhari during the last general election. No matter the prayers against him he will still end up being the president of this country. It was said as I was told”

Story by Emmanuel Clement



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