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What Sunday Adelaja said in Winners’ Chapel 12 years ago. Its shocking!

by Church Times

Adelaja’s message 12 years ago @ Winners’ Chapel



Pastor Adelaja

A message published online in 2018 showing Pastor Sunday Adelaja preaching at Winners Chapel 12 years ago shows he had always been critical of instant gratification preachers.


In the message, Adelaja who is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations in Kiev, Ukraine is heard lampooning pastors who encourage instant gratification.


He wondered in the message why pastors make prophetic utterances to people who are idle and not doing anything.

He says in the message that those who pray for instant miracle for people to become millionaires when they are not doing anything and those who say amen will face God’s punishment.

He says God will judge preachers who preach that people can get something for nothing. He described it as gross manipulation.

He says the whole country is not developed because everybody is expecting miracles. He says in the message a country is developed by hard work and diligence.

He queried how somebody will ever become millionaire without doing anything noting that such man who makes such prophecy to the lives of his members is 419.

While acknowledging that God can do miracles in the message, he said, any money that somebody gets without working for is a product of fraud.

He insisted that it is wrong to tell people they can get something without going through the process of production.

It is interesting to note that the message he preached 12 years ago is still the core of his message and the reason he has been attacking preachers in Africa an indication that he had always been consistent.

Kindly find below the video for the full message

Adelaja’s message @ winners’ chapel

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