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My son’s death is a seed for great harvest-Pastor Adeboye, says, “death not a function of age”

by Church Times

General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has finally made a broadcast on the death of his son Oluwadamilare Adeboye describing his death as a seed that will produce a massive harvest for the church and the entire body of Christ.

Adeboye in a message on Youtube monitored by Church Times also expressed great appreciation to all Nigerians who have shown the family love and affection in their moment of trial.

He said, “I want to thank you all for your show of massive love. I want to let you know that we are all loved by God and because of that, we are more than a conqueror. I want you to know that God who knows the end from the beginning knew from the foundation of the world that what has happened will happen.

“What has happened will work for our good as families, individuals and for the church of God as a whole. God is sovereign, he does as he pleases in the course of heaven. Dare himself said God does not need a visa to pay you a visit or do whatever he wants to do in your life. He is the Commander in Chief. You don’t command the Commander in Chief. Nobody ever says no Lord. Whatever your Lord says, the answer is yes Lord.

“When you obey when it is convenient for you, that is cooperation, when you obey when not convenient it is submission. In living, in dying it is yes Lord.”

The RCCG General Overseer said further that death is not a function of age. “It is not how long you live but how well. Jesus died at 33, John the Baptist never lived to 34 and he was the greatest man born of woman as said by Jesus. We have lost a champion, but then let us consider him a seed.

“Let us consider him a seed that was sown. And let us get ready for a special harvest. The reason God sowed the Lord Jesus as a seed is so that he can become first born of many brethren. I want us to join forces together and produce thousands of Pastor Dee. That is how we can really honour him and honour his memory. The Church of God is marching on, the gates of hell cannot prevail.”

Adeboye said also that the devil was rejoicing the day Jesus died on the cross, but “if he had known what is coming, he would have left Jesus alone. The devil was rejoicing when Job lost all he had, but if he had known, he would have left Job alone. Mighty things are about to begin in our individual lives. Mighty things are about to begin.”

Pastor Adeboye disclosed that the message he preached last Sunday was recorded before the death of his son.

He said, “I recorded the message of the Sunday that had just passed before the incident happened. And I said in that message that for every examination there will be promotion. The tougher the examination the bigger the promotion.”

He then pleaded with Christians all over the world to intensify their drive for winning souls and drive the devil crazy. “Our strength is not small. We are marching on. Cry if you wish to, but don’t cry for Pastor Dee. Cry because you are the one still fighting the battle of life but fight well. Keep on praying for my wife and I, the widow of Dare, the children and pray for yourself that you will finish well and finish strong.”

Adeboye said the reason he has continued to labour in God’s vineyard is that he has caught a glimpse of heaven. “Anyone who has caught a glimpse of heaven will not cry for Pastor Dee. I have seen heaven. I know what I am talking about. If you see me working like a jackal, you will understand why. Let us march the head of Satan. Let us show him that the army of God is marching on”

He then made a solemn promise that he will be more committed to the ministry of young people henceforth.

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