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Adeboye @ Canaanland recalls Bishop Oyedepo’s days of small beginnings

by Church Times

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye on Sunday, May 2 recalled the days of Bishop David Oyedepo’s small beginnings while also declaring that the best is yet to come for him.

Bishop Oyedepo is the founder of Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel.

Adeboye was at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota along with his wife, Folu, to celebrate the 40 years of the liberation mandate given to Bishop Oyedepo by God

He said it was difficult to describe his joy; apparently referring to the extent the Winners Chapel has grown in the last 40 years.

Adeboye during his message then recalled the days of Oyedepo’s small beginning. “I remember when the Bishop would come from Kaduna in one old Volks Wagon car and I would have to pray that the car takes him back safely.” He said.

The RCCG General Overseer also recalled how he was criticized for going to bless the first jet bought by Bishop Oyedepo.

He recalled however that jet that cost half a million dollars was developing fault in the air.

“How will it not develop a fault. What do you expect from a jet that costs half a million dollars? Adeboye quipped.

Adeboye however said prophetically that what he (Oyedepo) is experiencing now is still days of his small beginnings expressing confidence that he will yet soar.

He said to Bishop Oyedepo “My beloved son, congratulations, thank God for what He has done but we are just about to begin.”

Quoting from Exodus 4:1-7, 20, Adeboye said the number 40 has a lot of spiritual implications.

He said, “When you read through the Scriptures you will find that number 40 is associated with new beginnings. Noah was in the ark for 40 days before he opened the window. Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days. It will interest you to know that Moses had been around Mount Horeb for 40 years before all of a sudden, the bush began to burn. Moses heard God call his name for the first time and then they had a lot of discussions”

Adeboye assured the congregation that God would give them an anniversary gift. “There are miracles and there are miracles. Not all miracles are special. But the miracle Moses experienced in his walk with God frightened him.”

He then prayed that God will surprise his listeners noting that “it is one thing to see a miracle, another thing to touch a miracle but it is an entirely different thing to experience a miracle yourself. There is a difference between hearing and knowing. We have heard of testimonies, when are you going to be the testimony? I believe it’s now,” he said.

Adeboye also testified how the founder of the RCCG, Pa Josiah Akindayomi was miraculously being fed by God.

He reminisced, “My Father in the Lord told me a story that at the beginning of RCCG when things were hard, God performed a special miracle for him, God told him, just manage to get enough money to prepare a pot of soup. He told him, tell your wife that from today onward, let her begin to dish from the pot without looking inside and she did. Today fish will come out, tomorrow it will be chicken, another time it will be beef, until one day out of curiosity she looked and the pot was empty.

“I heard that testimony and it shook me but I had an experience. I traveled to the East to preach and I was returning; I got to Onitsha I wanted to refuel, no fuel. I got to Asaba no fuel, Benin, Ore no fuel, and the gauge of my car was reading reserve and God spoke and said son take your eyes off the gauge and drive off and I began to drive. When I got to Surulere I looked at my car and it read empty.”

Adeboye who shared several other testimonies of miraculous interventions in people’s lives also prophesied that his listeners will experience God afresh in their lives. He also urged urging them to cry to Jesus if they have not been saved.

Earlier, his wife, Folu took time to appreciate the congregation for the support they have given Bishop Oyedepo over the years. She said “being 40 for Winners Chapel is not a fool at 40 but a wise at 40”




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