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Adeboye identifies, prays for strange people at Special Holy Ghost service to mark his 76th birthday

by Church Times


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye on Friday identified and prayed for some strange participants at the special Holy Ghost Service organized to mark his 76th birthday.

The service, which held at the 3 km by 3km auditorium of the church at Shimawa, Ogun State is the 32nd edition and was the first time it would fall on the exact day of birth of the revered cleric, which is a Friday.

Earlier on Thursday, congregants had listened to young preachers from all the zones of the country who preached on the topic “stronger than your enemy”

But on Friday while Adeboye was throwing further light on the theme he paused to handle prayer session for some strange individuals at the service whom he told were having a once in a life time chance to be prayed for.

While asking the congregation to close their eyes he said there were some individuals in the congregation who on a monthly basis had strange experiences. According to him, such individuals usually had the urge to bark like dogs at the beginning of the month. “When such urge becomes so strong they would drive their cars to some remote areas and bark seriously.” he said.

He also mentioned the case of people who still engage in witchcraft practice of flying at night for meetings despite surrendering their lives to Christ. He urged those people to also stand up while also noting that there were people who had eaten human flesh at the point of initiation into some occult groups. He said such people are beginning to feel some discomfort in their stomach since that act.

The RCCG General Overseer also observed that there were some individuals who had orchestrated the dismissal of their bosses at their places of work. He said such individuals have begun to witness the itching of their anus an indication that they would soon be inflicted with cancer of the anus if they do not repent.

He pleaded with these groups of people to stand up at the count of 4 and prayed earnestly for them that God would have mercy and deliver them from these challenges.

The people concerned did not hesitate as they all stood up in large number at various corners of the massive auditorium for prayers before he continued with the business of the night. He then explained to the large crowd as he continued his message that they were destined to win every battle of life as long as they do not give up their faith.

He recalled his younger days when he had to sum up courage to confront a bully in his class who persistently tormented him. “The day I stood up to him was the day he stopped troubling me. He actually ran when he saw that I was adamant and would not give in to his bully again.”

While presenting a video clip of a small goat and a big cow in a duel, with the big cow running for the small goat, Adeboye assured the congregation that they have been given the ability to withstand the whiles of the enemy as long as they do not shift ground and they remained focus in their confrontation.

The service, which had in attendance the Vice President of Nigeria, Yemi Osibajo, his wife and a host of other dignitaries featured intensive prayers for victory over satanic forces, praise sessions and testimonies of miraculous interventions in people’s lives.

A couple who had waited for 23 years after marriage before having a child testified how God took away their shame. The couple said they had tried doing IVF on several occasions but all was to no avail until they had a meeting with Pastor Adeboye who prayed for them and the situation turned around. There was also the case of a couple who gave birth to quadruplet after years of waiting.

The RCCG pastor who led the congregation in some applause for Jesus while clapping derisively for the devil said the Lord did not ask the people to bring handkerchief for the service because the three handkerchiefs he prayed on for them in December 2017 were still effective adding also that they should take note of the cloth they had on at the Holy Ghost night and put the cloth on whenever they had any challenge.

The Special Holy Ghost is an annual event designed to mark the birthday of Adeboye. It usually last for four days. It is expected to continue today Saturday with an anointing service and would end with a thanksgiving service on Sunday.


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