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How a Pentecostal prophet predicted my death- Adeboye

by Church Times

Prophet to Adeboye

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has recalled how a pastor who belonged to the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria predicted his death many years ago shortly after the demise of Archbishop Benson Idahosa of the Church of God Mission.

Adeboye who was preaching at the May edition of the Holy Ghost Night which held at the Redemption Camp said the PFN pastor was misled by newspaper reports that he had started a bank and so he predicted he would soon be called home the way Idahosa was called home.

Recounting what led to the prophecy, Adeboye said he was invited by a group of investors who just opened a bank to come and pray before the bank would start operation. After prayers, the investors in the bank pleaded with him to open an account with them so he could become the bank’s first customer. “When they made that request, I told them I had no money to open with. But the men decided to open the account with their own money which was a sum of N50, 000.  But shortly after the event, newspapers came out with a report that I had started a bank with the sum of N50million. The news was everywhere.”

He said further that shortly after the newspaper report the leaders of PFN had a meeting. “it was in the meeting that the pastor who called himself a prophet stood up and declared that since I had started a bank, that in not too long a time the Lord would call me home the way Archbishop Idahosa was called home. I just kept quiet. I did not say anything, People were urging me to react I refused.”

While noting that the man who gave the evil prophecy about him had long died, he said, “here we are. God has not allowed the prophecy to come to pass”



Swimming in His glory


Pastor Adeboye

Adeboye who has been preaching on the theme: Swimming in His glory since January told the congregation that they have a responsibility to fight the fight of faith noting that the weapons of a believer’s warfare are not carnal.

He said Christians must fight sickness and should not allow sickness to send them to early grave. “We can’t afford to die before we fulfil our assignment. You must fight sickness. Don’t let sickness kill you before your time. God sent a prophet to tell Hezekiah to die but Hezekiah cried to God and God added another fifteen years to his life.”

The RCCG General Overseer also recalled how the Lord used him to annul the death sentence on one Baba Okeowo by a prophet. “The prophet had said that he would die at 84 but the Lord used me to tell him he would not die until he was ready to die. By the grace of God he was few weeks to his 100th birthday before he died. And when he was going to die he called me and said he was ready to go.”

While insisting that believers must fight sickness he said, “When the time comes to die that is a settled matter there is nothing one can do about that. But the point is that we will not die before our time.”

He said believers should also fight poverty. “It is the wish of God that we prosper. It does not matter what people will say, you will prosper. The fight against poverty is fixed in your favour. The Bible says the righteous will flourish. You will not die in poverty. So fight poverty. Don’t accept it. For years the devil tried to deceive Christians telling them money is the root of all evil. That is not true. It is the love of money.” He however said diligence is required of a believer who wants to prosper.






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