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Academy announces AI workshop for pastors, church workers

by Church Times


*Registration link here:*
Dear Leaders,
You are invited to register for this eye-opening webinar.
*”Artificial Intelligence for Pastors and Ministries: Looking Beyond the Future”* is a transformative 2-day workshop designed to empower you to leverage the power of AI for effective ministry outreach and growth.
*This intensive workshop will equip you with:*
1. *Prompt Engineering:* Craft compelling AI-powered content for sermons, social media, and outreach materials.
2. *Marketing Mastery:* Leverage AI for targeted marketing strategies to reach new audiences.
3. *Church Outreach Avatars:* Develop engaging virtual assistants to connect with your congregation.
4. *Enhanced Communication:* Refine your sermon writing and delivery skills with AI tools.
5. *Bible Study Assistance*: Harness AI for deeper Bible study exploration and resource creation.
6. *Admin and Document Organizational skills* Learn how to share documents online, and create smooth administrative support.
*Don’t miss this opportunity to:*
– *Stay ahead of the curve:* Embrace the latest trends in AI and their application to ministry.
– *Optimize your ministry’s impact:* Reach more people and deepen your connection with your congregation.
– *Save time and resources:* Learn how AI can streamline tasks and enhance your workflow.
*Limited seats available!* Register now and secure your spot.
Click here to register and pay fees: https://bit.ly/AIforChurchleaders
*Nigeria only:* N20k
*International:* $25 (PayPal), all registrants will receive the payment instructions pronto.
Also, Feel free to Join our WhatsApp Group on *AI TOOLS FOR PROFESSIONALS* to be abreast of current development in Artificial Intelligence. Here is the joining link:
*Don’t wait – take your ministry into the future!*
Blessings 💯❤️

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