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2023: Obey the Macedonia Call  gives prophetic warning, sues for peace

by Church Times

A Christian organisation, Obey The Macedonia Call (OTMC), has called on Nigerians to embrace peace as they go to the polls on Saturday, February 25.

The group also gave some instructions and warnings that are critical to the elections in a statement signed by the convener of the group Pastor Ladi Thompson.

The statement was also endorsed by Pastors Tunde Bakare, Alfred Ohiani, Sam and Nike Adeyemi, and John Joseph Hayab. Other pastors who endorsed the statement are Pastor Wale Adefarasin,  Gboyega Omoba (MBE), Taiwo Odukoya,  and Ayo Ogunyemi.

Wisdom is better than weapons of war

According to the group, “wisdom is better than weapons of war. Nigerians should turn this election into a stepping stone towards building the nation into the greatest country of the world” the group stated

OTMC said the election day was destined to come “when one generation would have to make that decision on behalf of the future generation. The decision is whether to embrace peace, to bond in love or surrender to the inherited forces of disintegration at a terrible cost.”

It called on Nigerians to be agents of peace by embracing their God-given African heritage.

“Nigerians should cool down, lower their voices, and embrace non-violent communication with proverbs since it is better to jaw-jaw than war-war.

The instructions

The group instructed that all God-fearing people should meet with others in the neighbourhoods and resident associations to agree on strategies to keep their streets peaceful and safe for children.

“Let each household store essential food to last a few days and encourage the rationing and sharing of all resources within neighbourhood clusters.

OTMC advised that Nigerians should deliberately isolate the mischief makers in any community by using the tokens of peace to mark all households of peace while appealing to matriarchs and parents who can speak directly into the hearts of the wayward ones.

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The simple solution

While noting that the nation is going through an exasperating situation, the group says there is “a simple solution that will be a game-changer. The average Nigerian citizen is “peace-loving, trusting and patient at heart. So why can’t we rise beyond the engineered divisions and stress to deploy the creative African advantage that defines our heritage.”

The organisation suggests Nigerians need to consider the fact that “most of us mean well. In a sense, we are all victims of history, from the president to the peasant! Our greatest problems are systemic in nature, and we must not allow anyone to lead us on a self-destructive path. “


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