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2023: I can’t tell you who to vote for, Bishop Wale Oke tells Pentecostals, says, “my office is not for sale”

by Church Times
Lagos PFN Chair, Apostle Eyinnaya Okwuonu, Lagos CAN chair, Bishop Stephen Adegbite, PFN National President, Bishop Wale Oke, Deputy National President of PFN, Bishop John Praise and Pastor Humphrey Erumaka at the Greater Nigeria Conference in Lagos on October 7 at the Vineyard Christian Centre, Ajao Estate, Lagos.
National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Bishop Francis Wale Oke has said he will not endorse any of the three leading contestants in the 2023 Presidential election while also declaring that his office is not for sale
 He bared his mind at the Greater Nigeria Conference of the fellowship which took place in Lagos on Friday, October 7.
 Bishop Oke said, “I believe you all have the spirit of God, I will not tell you who to vote for. Go and ask God and vote as you are being led.
“We are in a dire strait in the country. Of all the three major political parties I can’t really tell who will deliver. Since you have the spirit of God vote your conscience”.

Don’t sell your vote

 He however warned hundreds of the Pentecostal pastors at the conference not to sell their vote.
“You will be betraying God and betraying the fellowship if you sell your vote and allow pecuniary gain to inform who you vote for. It will be ungodly for you to sell your vote,” he charged.
Bishop Oke who said he has been under tremendous pressure in the last couple of days also declared that his office is not for sale.
“No amount of money you bring can buy me. My office is not for sale. Bring 50 million dollars I will tell you, your money perish with you.
“No politician can buy my conscience. Don’t sell your vote. Don’t collect money from politicians to kill your conscience. Don’t be a Balaam that was carried away by pecuniary gain.,” he declared.

God’s move in Nigeria

Earlier in his message, he recalled how a man studying the move of God across the world came to Nigeria some years ago.
“An expert studying the move of God came to Nigeria some years ago. He contacted key leaders in the church. We had a meeting with him. It was a huge meeting. The glory was in the house.
“The man said God woke him up one night in a terrible vision about Nigeria. He said God told him to tell Nigerians that they must know that they are in the season of revival and they must not allow what happened in Korea to happen to them.
 “The man said in his study globally there is no nation on earth where the move of God is so strongly felt like Nigeria. He however said we should not be deceived that the move cannot die

Why Korea revival died

“He said the revival in Korea did not last because the church leaders in that country did not connect with the next generation. The revival died with those God used to start it.
“At that meeting with this man, the leaders were sober. I could see Baba Adeboye wipe out tears. And we made a vow that we would pass on the revival from generation to generation”
 He said that the meeting informed the various evangelical moves in the country and deliberate steps to ensure the fire keeps burning.
“The largest single crusade in the world was held in Lagos. It was the Reinhard Bonnke Crusade,” he said.
participants at the conference

 Nigeria will be great again

Bishop Oke expressed confidence that the future of Nigeria is great and glorious.  “We are surrounded by all manner of stuff but there is light at the end of the tunnel. When God created the heavens and the earth, He did not confess the reality on the ground.
He only declared what he wanted. He kept making declarations., ” let there be” and he saw that the things he created were good. You don’t need to struggle over darkness. Just switch on the light over  Nigeria. Where there is light  darkness must vanish.”
 He said the investment of God in Nigeria is too heavy.”God won’t go to sleep. Nigeria will break forth in righteousness. Nigeria will be known for righteousness and salvation. Nigeria shall be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord.”
While declaring that he had traveled around Nigeria nine different times praying in strategic places, he said, “Nigeria shall no more be forsaken.”

Lagos PFN Chair, Okwuonu

The chairman of the Lagos Chapter of the PFN, Apostle Eyinnaya Okwuonu who hosted the conference,  said at the event that it was imperative for the church to function effectively.
“The church should function both spiritually and socially. It’s not business as usual for the church. God is into a new thing.”
He called on the church to brace up for the next move of God.
He warned that “The church can’t afford to continue the way it used to” adding, “Things have changed. And we need to make the desired impact. If we get it right in Lagos, we will get it right in Nigeria.”

Bishop Adegbte, Lagos CAN Chairman

The chairman of the Lagos chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria Bishop Stephen Adegbite called for the unity of the church at the event. “We are one in the Lord. We must be together. We must Unite for a greater Nigeria. Nigeria will be great again.”
On the 2023 elections, he said, “We can’t afford to get it wrong. There must be a new dawn. We are not going to give in to deception.” He said anybody who becomes the next president of the country must be ready to be accountable”
He recalled an incident he was almost killed by bandits during one of his trips in the North saying, “We know what is going on in Nigeria. We must work together to make a change. An election is not counted online. Vote and vote rightly.”
Participants at the conference

Other speakers

 Various church leaders ministered at the event. They include the Deputy National President of the PFN, Bishop John Praise. The Deputy National Secretary Pastor David Bakare, Senior Pastor of Elevation House, Goodman Akinlabi, Pastor Yemi Davids, and a host of others.
Pastor David Bakare who came from Zaria said the time had come for the church to demonstrate the power of God for this generation.
He said, “When God answers by fire money will bow. Politicians will bow. Don’t struggle for money ask for fire. Don’t struggle with politicians ask for fire. The only answer the politician can understand is fire. Go for the fire today to work the gospel. To turn things around.”
Akinlabi on his part urged churches to take advantage of technology to shine the light of God. He said the church has been known to use technology right from the first century. He noted that the current technology is the internet urging church leaders to use the platform to spread the gospel.

In his submission, Yemi Davids stated that “It is the joy of any well-meaning parent to see their children do better than them. Our challenge should be to dream and see a better future. The future of every nation is born in leadership.
“Pictures determine the future. When God wants to change the future he begins to give them a picture. You will get there before you get there. The first picture we must behold is the Bible. With Jesus, it can only get better’ he said .

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