Why I do not encourage morning cry evangelism- Prof Adegboye

by Church Times

Founder of Gospel Unlimited, Prof Duro Adegboye has given reasons why morning cry is not a good evangelism option for those who are passionate about evangelism.

He gave the reasons while addressing participants at the ongoing Conference of Practicing Evangelism in Offa, Kwara State on Thursday, September 28.

Adegboye who has put in 60 years in missions said the idea of preaching and moving around as early as 5 a.m. does not allow for proper coordination and dissemination of the good news.

“The person doing Morning Cry usually starts preaching from point A and ends in point B. There is no how people can be led to Christ that way. There won’t be any basis for those who hear the message to come to Christ because they only hear a part of a whole message.”

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He noted also that the idea of preaching so early in the morning may mean disturbance for people in the neighborhood who are still sleeping.

“Your message may mean noise to those who are still sleeping. People are tired and resting. So the message may not go well with them.”

Missionaries losing lives

Adegboye noted also that there are too many cases of missionaries losing their lives on the field because of loneliness and lack of support.

He warned that on no account should missionaries be sent to the mission field without support and backing.

Sharing a personal story, he said, “I grew up as a Christian among about 40 white missionaries. They enjoyed the mission work because they had a lot of support from their home churches.

“They were professionals in various fields. Their churches did not allow them to feel the pain of missions because they took care of their family so they could do the work without distraction.

“The burden of what to eat and how to sponsor their children to school was taken care of. Unfortunately, many churches don’t have such arrangements today. Many missionaries fall victim to evil people in their places of assignment because of lack of support.”

While praying that missionaries won’t get to a point where their children and spouses will abandon them, he said, “Any Church that wants to send missionaries out, must plan for their welfare and ensure that they do not become liability where they go to serve.”

He said further that there is always a process for every event. “For a seed to germinate, it must have water, air, and heat. That understanding must guide us in our mission work. We need to put the right process so we can get the desired result.”



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