Good fight of faith not about fighting Satan-Adejuwon @ CCIC confab

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 National Director of Rhema Bible Training Centre in Nigeria, Rev Tokunbo Adejuwon has given insight on how to fight the good fight of faith saying fighting such fight has nothing to do with fighting satan, sin, or people.

 Adejuwon who spoke at the ongoing convention of Christ Chapel International Churches in Lagos on Wednesday, October 18 said believers are not expected to fight satan, rather they are to take authority over him.

 He said people have a misconception of the spiritual fight. “They think it is like the kind of wrestling they see in the physical world. We are not fighting from a position of defeat but a position of victory. Jesus already defeated Satan for us.

 “The devil does not have the authority over us. Once upon a time, he had the authority but no more. He is now subject to us because Jesus gave us dominion over him. We have been delivered from the power of darkness and translated to the kingdom of His dear son.” he said.

Worshipers paying rapt attention during the teaching

Dont fight sin

He also said Christians are not supposed to fight sin because the sin of the believer has been forgiven. And he is free from the law of sin and death. 

 “God is on our side. He is for us. If he is for us, who can be against us? We are redeemed from the power, the consciousness and the penalty of sin. Christ has redeemed us from the consequences of the law. We now have the nature of God. God wants us to walk in that light until it spills over into every area of our lives. We don’t fight sin because sin has already been conquered. We are to stand against sin and live out the righteousness of Christ.”

Dont fight people

fight of faith

Tokunbo Adejuwon ministering at CCIC

Adejuwon said also that Christians are not supposed to fight people but rather should love them. “ I know there are evil people. But as believers, those people are not our problem.  Jesus encourages us to love our enemies. There are unreasonable and wicked men. Some of them come to church. There are people who hit us without a cause. But it is the devil that is the problem. Our heart for those people should be that of compassion.

 “Faith works by love. When we walk in love we will get results. If our faith will amount to anything, we can’t joke with the love walk. We are to honour all men. We are to honour our pastors. We are to honour even the gatemen and all the people that come our way. Walking in love works.”


He however said the common enemy in this faith fight of faith is linked to ignorance of the word of God. 

Adejuwon said, “Anywhere you are ignorant of the word of God, the devil will take advantage of you. Lack of knowledge of the word of God is a major hindrance to our faith. All the enemies in this faith fight are linked to a lack of knowledge of God’s word. People are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

 If people give attention to the word of God the way they respond to certain demands from pastors Adejuwon said, “they will get the breakthrough they are looking for. I have discovered that in any area you are struggling with, you lack knowledge of God’s word in that area. It could be in your marriage finance or any other area. You need to get the knowledge of God’s word in that area.”

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Where faith begins

 He said further that “it is okay to pray and fast for a breakthrough. But can we study the word of God more and find out what belongs us to in Christ? Faith begins where the will of God is known. The first thing is to find scriptures that cover my case.”

 According to him, it is not good to take the word of God for granted. “Residual knowledge can be dangerous. That I knew it one time does not mean I still know it. You can have a revelation, if you don’t keep sharpening that edge you get rusty. There are some things we can’t know too much. The more of the word of God I know, the more I find out I know little.”

 Beyond knowing the word of God, he said it is important to act on the word we know. “It is knowledge acted upon that works. We need to act on the knowledge we know. One unbelief is a lack of knowledge the other is not acting on the knowledge we know. But the whole process starts from getting knowledge of God’s word and acting on it.”



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