Amos Fenwa: My wife’s death was revealed but we could not stop it

by Church Times

General Overseer of  Holy Ghost Christian Centre, Lagos, Pastor Amos Fenwa has said God revealed that his wife would die but that the revelation could not be changed.

 He made this known while addressing members of his church days after his wife’s transition.

 His wife died on May 27 at the age of 57. She was buried on Thursday, June 8 at a private cemetery in Lagos. They have been married for 33 years.

Pastor Fenwa and his wife


We have known ahead

 Fenwa said “For Esther Oluyemisi Fenwa her time was up. It is not a matter of the absence of prayers. We have known ahead. Some of these things have been prophesied about and we prayed. But when you pray, God answers. God has answered by taking her away from pain into glory. As a church we should not be afraid, we should not be moved by that. We should continue to do the work of God.”

 Alluding to Uzzah’s death while trying to stop the ark of God from falling as recorded in the Bible, he said, “David was displeased at the death of Uzzah. He was afraid. When people die doing the work of God, people will be angry and they will be afraid. They would say if the wife of the General Overseer could die, I’m I safe? But the truth is everybody will die one day no matter how powerful one is. When God says your time is up it is up. Everybody has appointed time.”

According to Fenwa, it is an achievement to live long “but what matters is when you live to fulfil your purpose. You need to fulfil your destiny. And this is a message to everyone that we won’t be on this planet forever.”

 Fenwa said his wife’s death was more painful because “12 days before her death, I lost his elder brother who had just celebrated his 70th birthday.

 “This will make people say something is wrong with the Fenwa family this time. Nothing is wrong. God is taking us through one process and another,” he said.

 He said further, “When my brother died after his 70th birthday celebration, we could not tell my mum because my mum is alive. She will be 94 in August. How could we tell her? But when my wife died we could not hide it because she had been taking care of my mum for about 20 years. They have stayed together, We had to let her know this has happened.”

 He encouraged his church members to continue serving God until they breathed their last while recalling that his wife served God till the last minute. “The women’s convention this year was one of the best. She put in all her effort to do the work of God. Balaam said, let me die the death of the righteous.

 “That is the death of the righteous. That is the death of a Christian And in every situation that happens to a Christian, you must judge God faithful.  Heb 11v11 says Sarah judged God faithful because God knows the end from the beginning. God has given us that understanding.”

Pastor Amos Fenwa and the children at the burial

The burial event

At the burial event, the Regional Pastor of the Christ Apostolic Church in the Mushin area of Lagos, Pastor S. O. Aluko encouraged the Fenwa Family to keep the faith and not be dismayed. He said they should know that the worse has not happened.  He preached on the topic,  “prepare for the final home.” making allusion to how David handled the loss of his son in the Bible.

Aluko who represented the President of the CAC at the event said those who are alive should prepare for their eternal home. He said nobody can get to heaven by chance and that people needed to prepare themselves for the place.



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